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Setup Email Templates

This page provides instructions for building email templates and testing them.

Our templates empower your communicators to quickly build and update their messages for clarity, effectiveness and reach. They come with built-in branding, making your messages more consistent and unifying across the organization. They are coded for responsiveness and rigorously tested across numerous email clients and devices. Your recipients will receive easily readable, branded messages that will show up as planned regardless of the device or email client. Standardize your organization’s emails with pre-defined templates, build them from scratch or take any Outlook email and convert to an AdaptiveMail template.

  1. Sign in into your Adaptivemail portal
  2. Navigate to AdaptiveTemplates menu on left panel
  3. Click “New Mail Templates

  4. Select the layout as per your requirement or continue for blank layout

  5. For example, lets select Layout A and continue

  6. On New Template page, provide below information

    • Mail Template Title – Its template title which will help you identify the template, ex.
      New Joinee Welcome email
    • Category – It’s for categorizing the template, ex. Sales, Promotional, Compensation &
      Benefits. You can select category on enter category name which will be created automatically
    • Template Content – You can design, update, add images, highlight text within the
      content area. WYSIWYG editors help you create you email content.

      • Insert Token – It will help you to add placeholder token for Recipients Name,
        Recipient Manager Name, Recipient Skill etc

      • Import Outlook Message – Under file menu of WYSIWYG editor, you can see this
        option. It helps you to import and already existing email message from outlook. It tries to
        import .msg file and try to extract the email layout.

    • Preview and Send Test – This help you to see the preview of your designed email
      template in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile mode

      • Send Test – It will send email to the selected email id, so that you can
        actually see how the template would be seen as email