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Setup User list

This page provides instructions for creating static user lists that are not updated automatically.

When dynamic audiences do not fit your needs and you are just looking to run a campaign to pre-determined list of employees, a user list best suits your needs. You can import a list of email addressed from Excel or search by name or select from an existing distribution list managed within active directory.

  1. Sign in into your Adaptivemail portal
  2. Navigate to User Lists menu on left panel
  3. Click “New User List”

  4. On New User List page, provide below information

    • User List Title – Its user list title which will help you identify the static user list
    • Search by employee – Here you can search and add individual audience to static list
    • Bulk upload – Bulk upload will help you add multiple static audiences separated by
    • Search by Groups (DL) – Here you can select your organization groups or distribution
    • Preview – Right side there is Preview section which lists out the employee names which
      falls under the static user list