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To install AdaptiveMail from Azure marketplace. Login to your Azure subscription and search “AdaptiveMail” you will show with below option

Under it you will be able to see the details around the product and different plans available.
• Primary Plan – It is one o the mandatory plan to installed for AdaptiveMail
• Additional Plan – Is to create additional send-as email accounts, if you require multiple accounts to be managed for creating campaigns for different account

Once you decide to install a particular plan, below screen will walkthrough different configuration for installing primary plan

All the fields are mandatory

  1. Resource Group – resource group under which you want to install AdaptiveMail application
  2. Region – In which Azure region do you want to install AdaptiveMail resources
  3. Site Admin Email – primary accounts email id, which is kind of Super admin for AdaptiveMail
  4. Website name – Name of the site for AdaptiveMail, it needs to be unique across the Azure domain, although it can be later mapped to custom domain.
  5. Application Name – Application name for this installation

Once you have finalised the fields you can click “Review + create” and then again “Create”

Normally it takes 10-15mins for creating all the resources required by AdaptiveMail application

Once deployment is successfully complete, you can navigate to App Service with name provide in “Website name” ex https://name-provided-by-you.azurewebsites.net