Return to the Workplace

As the world grapples with what the new normal of post-pandemic work arrangements will look like, how prepared is your organization to ensure your business and people transition back successfully to this dynamic reality?​

Do you have a thoughtfully designed and clearly articulated plan to bring your employees back to work safely? ​

How do you plan to address the transformed expectations of the workforce? ​

What exactly does Hybrid work arrangements mean to different parts of your organization? ​

How will you manage the varied needs and expectations of your diverse team members and your distributed global geographies? ​

Are you ready to scale up or down smoothly in response to new variants and clusters? ​ ​

Above all, how do you communicate successfully through all these changes?​​

AdaptiveMail can help you communicate effortlessly with all parts of your organization ensuring clarity, cohesion and confidence as you transition to the transformed workplace.​

  • Customize for Phased Re-Entry – You can effortlessly customize and personalize your communication campaigns to support the requirements of each phase’s pivotal moments​
  • Activate Relevant Organizational Teams – Our Layered Audience Builder will alert all relevant organizational departments and teams to initiate necessary steps with every change in pandemic status in every relevant geography
  • Smooth Transitions – Employees can return to work easily and effectively with precise, timely information that helps them smoothly roll in and out of each phase of the re-entry​
  • Content Cadence – Develop a phase driven communication plan with a thoughtful cadence that informs, educates and prepares your employees to cruise through the requirements of each phase​
  • Sequential Notifications – Effortlessly send relevant, timely information to returning employees at specified intervals to move them forward in their re-entry.
  • Nudge Notifications – Gently and persistently prompt new employees to complete unfinished tasks with our built-in nudges
  • Manage Varied Geographies -Our Layered Audience Builder will keep business leaders abreast of the re-entry status of different teams across all the geographies they manage. Empower them with timely tips to support the needs of each unique re-entry group
  • Centralized Calendar View – Leverage the centralized calendar view to prioritize return to workplace communications. Ensure re-entry milestones are not overshadowed by other organizational priorities​
  • Scale Up and Down – Our powerful campaign management tools ensure that you can communicate the scaling up or scaling down of your hybrid work requirements with a few clicks
  • Triggered Notifications – Navigate the ups and downs of closures, openings, re-closures, re-openings and a forever dynamic work environment with trigger-driven notifications. Your employees will be automatically notified of steps to take to meet the requirements of relevant changes in their respective environments​
  • Heads-Up Notifications – Our automation tools come with built-in safeguards. You will be alerted of all scheduled messages and recipients prior to any message being sent out​

The New Workplace Paradigm

The Workplace, as we understood it for more than a century, has changed forever

More than half the returning workforce across the globe, wants to work from home at least three days a week. Organizations that ignore this aspiration, risk perilous consequences.​

Hybrid work arrangements are here to stay

Employees are burnt out, anxious and want greater communication flows. Yet, more than two-thirds of organizations have not articulated a clear vision of workplace requirements after the pandemic.​​

A thoughtfully planned and meticulously executed internal communication plan is now an organizational imperative.

The right internal communication technologies have never been more critical to ensuring organizational success.

AdaptiveMail Communication Principles

  • Effortless Ease
    Communicators should be empowered with easy to use, readily available tools woven into the communication modes most widely used in enterprises (email), to help them deliver with effortless ease
  • Relevance of information and timing
    Important, useful information that nudges the new employee towards empowerment, engagement and performance should be delivered in a timely, rhythmic and engaging manner
  • Phased, integrated, multi-directional, multi-modal learning
    All elements of organizational experience that drive employee success should be woven in the Onboarding journey in thoughtfully defined phases with clean hand-offs and smooth re-integrations
  • Meaningful outcomes that energize and engage
    All communication should drive towards articulated onboarding goals and pre-defined measurable outcomes

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