New Hires

Transforming the New Employee Experience

Whether you are building a whole new onboarding program or would like to take your existing program to new heights, Adaptivemail’s robust communications solution will help you deliver.

  • Optimal Cadence – Develop an event and calendar driven communication plan with an energizing cadence that informs, educates and engages but doesn’t overwhelm
  • Centralized Calendar View – Leverage the centralized calendar view to align onboarding communications with the corporate rhythm of business. Ensure onboarding milestones are not overshadowed by organizational priorities
  • Customized Campaigns – Your onboarding campaigns can be effortlessly customized and personalized to the nuances of each new hire’s pivotal moments
  • Sequential Notifications – Effortlessly send relevant, timely information to new employees at pre-defined intervals to move them forward on their onboarding journey
  • Heads-Up Notifications – Our automation tools come with built-in safeguards. You will be alerted of all scheduled messages and recipients prior to any message that is sent out
  • Nudge Notifications – Gently and persistently prompt new employees to complete unfinished tasks with our built-in nudges
  • Layered Audience Builder – Automatically identify and inform managers of their new employees´ progress. Empower them with timely tips to guide the new employee forward
  • Smooth Transitions – Relevant partners in employee onboarding can participate efficiently and effectively with precise, timely information that helps them smoothly roll in and out of the program

Above all, your onboarding team will love the ease with which communications are generated, delivered and acted upon.

We believe…

A new hire’s successful journey to full productivity and organizational engagement requires a multi-tiered, multi-faceted approach, integrating all direct and indirect determinants of the employee’s experience.

Onboarding is not a sprint – a 30, 60 or 90 day event. It is a marathon – a transformative journey that lasts at least six months, ideally a year.

A new hire should have ready access to all the resources and support necessary to succeed.

Key partners in the new employee’s journey should have convenient access to the resources that will help them enable a rich, meaningful experience for the new member.

AdaptiveMail Communication Principles

  • Effortless Ease
    Communicators should be empowered with easy to use, readily available tools woven into the communication modes most widely used in enterprises (email), to help them deliver with effortless ease
  • Relevance of information and timing
    Important, useful information that nudges the new employee towards empowerment, engagement and performance should be delivered in a timely, rhythmic and engaging manner
  • Phased, integrated, multi-directional, multi-modal learning
    All elements of organizational experience that drive employee success should be woven in the Onboarding journey in thoughtfully defined phases with clean hand-offs and smooth re-integrations
  • Meaningful outcomes that energize and engage
    All communication should drive towards articulated onboarding goals and pre-defined measurable outcomes

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