AdaptiveMail was established to transform the internal email experience for enterprises. ​

For years the founders of Adaptivemail watched their colleagues agonize over how to convey important messages to fellow employees across the organization. ​

Talented professionals in various functional domains were spending numerous frustrating hours in low-value, repetitive tasks and still failing to connect with fellow organizational members. Countless hours were invested in developing internal communication strategies with no enterprise tools to execute upon them. Outcomes were sub-optimal, at best.

Hard-working organizational members, overwhelmed by the chaos of stressful deadlines and distracting emails, frequently failed to act on crucial emails vital to their and the organization’s success. Training departments couldn’t get employees to complete their follow-up sessions in time, compliance deadlines were missed, important business announcements went unnoticed.​

Employees were overwhelmed. Communicators were frustrated. Organizations were investing in expensive disparate solutions that failed to deliver.

We established AdaptiveMail to transform the internal email campaign experience. Our platform empowers people across the enterprise to connect, communicate with desired audiences and enable streamlined communication flows.​