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Internal Campaign Needs Are on the Rise

New hires

Welcome + Onboarding emails


Promotions + Awards


Legal notifications


Informational + Nurture


Notifications from LT


Required training awareness


Real estate & office related

Talent Management

Drive specific action


Timely updates

New Hires

Welcome + Onboarding emails

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Return to Workplace

The New Workplace Paradigm

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Enriching Learning Culture

Training Programs

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2x as many people rated email as the most effective channel for driving change/getting a response.*

Empower Your Communicators

Relieve your internal communicators from the tedium of low-value, repetitive, time-consuming activities. Energize them by focusing on exciting high ROI actions. Empower them with the tools to develop internal email campaigns with ease, effortlessly and accurately reach their audiences and communicate for impact.

Strengthen Your Organization

Build a strong cohesive organization through clear, consistent, organization-wide communication. Ensure all communicators are speaking in one voice to strengthen your internal brand. Generate greater commitment to organizational goals.

Declutter the Employee Experience

Streamline the frequency, format and flow of internal emails so employees can focus on, assimilate and act on the things that are truly important.

Retain Data Security

Precisely and accurately reach your audience without compromising the security of sensitive employee data. Organizations can choose to deploy Adaptivemail on their own Cloud thereby securing all information within their infrastructure, while retaining the richness of all product functionality.

70% of internal communicators say the majority of their staff is working remotely.*

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