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Automate your internal campaigns so communicators can spend more time crafting the right message.

Send constant, consistent, and correct messages to your audiences so that your organization stays engaged.


Empower your internal communicators to effortlessly and accurately reach their audiences.

Enable your internal communicators to build smart, dynamic audiences, mapped to your organization's structure, so they can always send campaigns to the right people.


Send responsive emails that are readable and deliverable so that your audiences will always receive and engage with your messaging and brand.

Get built-in branding, responsiveness, and delivery-tested email templates so that recipients will always receive your messaging no matter the client or device.


You will always know your campaigns’ effectiveness when you can measure their performance in real-time.

Configure key performance indicators, measure individual and aggregated campaigns, and see campaign ratings so you can effectively adjust and respond to your audiences.


Give communicators visibility into organization-wide messaging.

Avoid email fatigue by establishing a rhythm of messaging that accounts for the timing of all outgoing messages from within your organization.

People received 40.6 billion more email in February 2021 than February 2020.*


Unleash the creativity of your communicators by relieving them from the dreary routines of everyday campaign management.

With Adaptive Campaigns you can create complex campaigns with just a few clicks, replicate at will and automate with ease. Our robust campaign management capabilities come with several unique features that allow you to set priorities, send heads-up notifications to key players, nudge non-responsive recipients, link multiple campaigns and much more!

With the power of Adaptive Campaigns at their fingertips, your communicators will be liberated to focus on what is really important - crafting impactful messages, improving business processes, developing meaningful programs or just giving their best to the organization.


You only need to build an audience group once!

Send constant, consistent, and correct messages to your audiences so that your organization stays engaged.

Effortlessly and accurately reach the people you want to communicate with.

Identify complex audiences quickly and easily with AdaptiveMail’s visualized, automated audience builder. Build smart, dynamic audiences mapped to unlimited organizational criteria. Precisely segment multi-level audiences so your messages reach the right people each time, every time.

No more missed recipients. No more wrong mailboxes. No follow-up apology emails.


Build impactful, on-brand email messages that resonate with your audience.

Standardize your organization’s emails with pre-defined templates, build them from scratch or take any Outlook email and convert to an AdaptiveMail template.

Our templates empower your communicators to quickly build and update their messages for clarity, effectiveness and reach. They come with built-in branding, making your messages more consistent and unifying across the organization. They are coded for responsiveness and rigorously tested across numerous email clients and devices. Use built-in localization feature to automatically translate a message into multiple languages.

Your recipients will receive easily readable, branded messages that will show up as planned regardless of the device or email client.


Leverage powerful data-driven insights to continually improve your campaign performance.

Configure and track key performance indicators. Measure how a campaign is performing on multiple identified criteria to effectively adjust and respond to your audience.

Our insights give you the capability to take a granular look at campaigns, criteria or audiences. You can also step back and take an aggregated view of campaign performance from multiple viewpoints.

Compare all email campaigns using our benchmark Campaign Performance Index(CPI) - a standardized performance index uniquely customized for your organization.


Establish a rhythmic cadence to corporate emails so hard-working employees never miss important messages.

Organize all your departments around a central calendar, schedule around company priorities to streamline the flow of campaign emails. Help them work in unison to ensure a focused, well-paced messaging experience for the entire organization.

Declutter the employee experience. Organize for cross-department visibility. Optimize for maximum impact.

50% of internal communicators are using email more frequently since the pandemic.*

Strenthen your organization

  • Built-in enterprise governance models
  • Centralized campaign calendar
  • Clouse-based SaaS solution
  • Enterprise-wide consistent, branded communication
  • Improved organization-wide email communication performance
  • Sensitive data security
  • Cost effective

Empower your communicators

  • Automated campaigns
  • Smart, intuitive audience builder
  • Audiences update dynamically
  • Heads up notifications with pre-send alerts
  • Suppression rules that allow granular tuning

Declutter the employee experience

  • Campaign insights that enable you to respond to needs
  • Reduced email noise
  • Rhythmic enterprise communication
  • Reminders and action alerts
  • Branded, responsive email templates coded for high deliverability so recipiences will receive readable, branded messaging on any device.
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