Enriching Your Learning Culture

An enriching learning culture is an integral characteristic of successful enterprises. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously executed training programs lie at the heart of their success generating up to 24% more in profit margins! ​

Not surprisingly, the best companies invest heavily in their training infrastructure. ​

Regardless of your company’s preferred approach to learning – Instructor Led, Blended, Digital or Intelligent, enterprise training will continue to be a challenging, complex, multi-dimensional process.​

AdaptiveMail’s comprehensive internal email platform can dramatically transform the communication experience for all players in your employees’ learning journey. Learners will never miss any important communication. They will stay on track and successfully achieve their learning goals. Above all, your training team will love the ease with which communications are generated, delivered and acted upon.​

With AdaptiveMail you can create a delightful Customized learner experience with Just in Time, relevant, communication that fully supports but never overwhelms the learner.​

  • Supportive Cadence – Develop a communication plan with a thoughtful cadence that informs, educates and prepares your employees to cruise through their learning journey
  • Universal Reach – Our customizable web and mobile optimized service will ensure that learning communications reach your employees wherever they may be​
  • Just in Time – Effortlessly customize and personalize your communication campaigns to support the requirements of each learner with Just in Time messages.​
  • Keep Them Moving – AdaptiveMail’s Sequential Notifications lie at the heart of our training support. Keep your employees moving forward smoothly from one learning stage to another in a systematic manner with our Sequential communications.​
  • Task Completion – Our Nudge Notifications will gently and persistently prompt employees to complete all their learning tasks ensuring that no learner is left behind. ​
  • Easy Transitions – Learners can Transition smoothly across different phases of their learning journey with precise, timely information that helps them roll in and out of each stage never missing any pre-requisite or deliverable.​
  • Synchronized Delivery – Our Automation capabilities alert all relevant organizational departments and teams, from facilitators to facilities, to initiate necessary steps at every stage of the learning journey.​
  • Engaged Managers – Our Layered Audience Builder effortlessly identifies and informs managers with relevant updates on the progress of the learners they manage. Empower managers with custom tips to support the learning needs of each unique employee.​​
  • Ensure Focus – Leverage the Centralized calendar view to prioritize key workplace communications. Ensure learning milestones are not overshadowed by other organizational priorities​
  • No Erroneous Sends – Our automation tools come with built-in safeguards. Our Heads-Up notifications will alert you of all scheduled messages and recipients prior to any message being sent out.​​

The illustration below captures the phased flow of the learning experience and the corresponding email communications for an online New Manager Training program. We have limited the illustration to only one email announcement for every phase. Each phase will in fact have multiple emails.​

​With AdaptiveMail you can identify learning cohorts, automate the timely flow of email communications at each stage and keep relevant stakeholders informed – all at the click of a button!​